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Fair Haven Management Team Meetings

On the Avenue!

About Us

Grand Avenue Special Services District is one of four Special Services Districts in New Haven. Business members in the Grand Avenue corridor united in 2009 to formally become this incorporated body. The organization offers support services to help grow and support businesses on Grand Avenue.

The Grand Avenue Special Services District (GASSD) is located in the Fair Haven section of  New Haven, Connecticut.  The GASSD is home to the largest concentration of Latino owned businesses in New Haven. 

The businesses along the GASSD are the area’s finest selection of ethnically diverse products and services.


SeeClickFix publishes a web tool which allows people to report non-emergency neighborhood issues to local government bodies. The tool has a free mobile app that maps user comments. Users may add comments, suggest courses of action, or add video and picture documentation. Users can receive notifications based on selected areas and keywords.


Need to report a non emergency issue?

Click here.

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