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About Us

The Grand Avenue Special Services District (GASSD) is located in the Fair

Haven section of  New Haven, Connecticut.  The GASSD is home to the largest

concentration of Latino owned businesses in New Haven. 

The businesses along the GASSD are the area’s finest selection of ethnically diverse products and services.


SSDs are one type of special taxing district Connecticut law authorizes. They are also referred to as business improvement districts. Under CGS § 7-339m et seq., a municipality can form a SSD to promote the economic and general welfare of its citizens and property owners. Among other things, the district can (1) acquire and convey real and personal property; (2) provide any service that a municipality can provide, other than education; (3) recommend to the municipality's legislative body that it impose a separate tax on property in the district to support its operations; (4) borrow money for up to one year backed by district revenues; and (5) build, own, maintain, and operate public improvements. Voters in the district must approve its establishment at a referendum.

The Board of Commissioners consist of 6 individuals who are responsible for determining the District’s budget, corresponding assessment and expenditures. The Board supervises its cleaning contract with its partner, Marrakech, Inc. which hires individuals with special needs, some of whom live in Fair Haven.


The Annual Meeting is held in February of every year as required by its By-Laws and also as required by City Ordinance, the Board of Commissioners sees to it that all quarterly and yearly reports are sent to the governing agencies. The GASSD envisions a business-robust Avenue, clean, safe, filled with customers and vibrant with business opportunities. The Grand Special Services District seeks to attain a strong, vibrant, retail-successful Avenue that is a desired customer destination for New Haven residents and visitors.

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